About us

IW-Decom Ltd is a UK based independent consultant with a wealth of global experience in major decommissioning projects.  Our team of associates specialise in supporting customers with all elements of Asset Retirement and Decommissioning (AR&D) through the provision of awareness and training, capability mapping and alignment, business development and strategic alliances, expert industry experience with bids, strategies, studies, estimates, programming and project execution

Leading the Team is Ian Whitehead a Marine/Nuclear Engineer with an Honours Degree in Engineering and Project and Operational Management experience in Marine, Nuclear, Industrial Energy and Oil & Gas sectors. Specialised in decommissioning from the early nineties as an operator, to defuel/make safe a Polaris Submarine, managed the successful bid for the Brent Delta DSC, PM for decommissioning studies for two major NNS assets, Murchison and Ninian Northern. As Decommissioning Director formed an integrated Decommissioning Group for global Tier1 contractor and recently raised awareness and developed an overarching decommissioning strategy for Centrica while building and leading the team during development of two decommissioning programmes, Stamford and Rose. Currently supporting O&G operators and the supply chain with development of decommissioning awareness, growth strategies, estimates, studies, programs and bids.

Responding to the industry call to improve, control, streamline, standardise and reduce decommissioning costs, IW-Decom has partnered with OR&A Ltd. to develop the Integrated Decommissioning Enabler and Assurance System (IDEAS).

We provide a novel, hands-on approach providing growth and guidance through awareness, coaching, training and technical solutions specifically aligned to your organisation and business.

We can work with you and your teams remotely or integrated within your organisation - a flexible approach to suit all requirements.